Is there any Truth to the Doomsday Warnings and Predictions?


Warnings of economic collapse, Armageddon and The End of the World are everywhere! is there any truth to these depressing prophecies, forecasts and occurrences, or are the hyped headlines nothing but scare tactics and fear mongering to recruit readers and subscribers?

Find out on my blog, where I discuss the subject in detail, at Is there any Truth to the Doom and Gloom Warnings and Predictions?

Is the Collapse of the United States Inevitable?

Russian Professor Igor Panarin, Senior Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe and countless economists and political analysts predict the imminent collapse of the United States!In the face of economic collapse, the probability of America instigating a massive international war are increasing.

 We are watching the decline of the Great American Empire.

Read the whole story, Is Collapse Of America Inevitable? and watch the video on Conspiracy Watch.

Record Gun Sales as Americans Prepare for the End

Record Gun Sales as Americans Prepare for Financial Collapse, is a post I wrote on my brand new blog explains what’s really going on. If you read it, you’ll be out tomorrow buying guns too… for more reasons than one!