They’re all Heading toward a New World Order

It is too bad we seemingly have Democrats and Republicans, bad and good, against and for the people and begrudging us peace and stability.

We are suffering the greatest assault on our freedoms and liberties that has been planned for our demise since the Committee of 300 was created in 1727 by British Nobility.

“It is alleged to be an international council for politics, economy and commerce, banking, the media and military for centralized global efforts.” (Wiki). “Possibly also known as the ‘Hidden Hand’ and headed up by the Rothschild financiers and loosely, around top national banking institutions and royal families of the world.” (Ibid).

More than likely they are involved and manipulating the economy of the world, using the psychology of Behaviorism, like Tucker is doing to the Karuk Indians.

There are several other groups associated with them. The following are the most popular.

• The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), created in 1921, in England (with the RIIA); it has around 4,264 members most of whom are in our government, as well as in the government of England.

• The Bilderberg Group, created in 1954 by Prince Bernhard of Holland. Many of the media are involved as they are in the CFR.

• The Trilateral Commission was created in 1973. J. Carter is a charter member. They are involved with the banking system. All presidents are members, and most who are running for president are members or wanna-bes. Ron Paul got an invitation but did not accept. However, Huckabee accepted and it will take two years to become a CFR.

Because this is a pristine area, we are being manipulated by: redistricting; regionalism; rewilding; The Wilderness Project; the wrecking of our economy by sustainable development; Transition Buttinskey Towns; United Nations Buttinskey Treaties; NGO-Enviro Buttinskey’s; The Endangered Species Act; Destruction of private property and water rights; Ignoring of our Constitution and substituting the United Nations Constitution for the Federation of the Earth; The re-creation of slaves and serfs from Earth’s population; and certain pushers and movers for Communism and socialism, such as Felice Pace and Craig Tucker, Friends of the River, River Keepers and Klamath-Siskiyou Wild in Ashland, Ore.

If you look at the things they have done and are doing you will see the truth of this statement. Remember, they are also pushing Agenda 21: 40 chapters of how to make everything sustainable and under the control of the United Nations jurisdiction, the headquarters for a One World Government or New World Order.
Written By: Nita Still, Siskiyou Daily News
What is really going on? Who or what is the New World Order? If you are asking these questions, you should follow my Conspiracy Watch and Censorship Watch blogs, where I keep up with the continuous efforts of our governments, corporations, as well as the New World Order, Illuminati, Freemasons and the Occult to deceive us into giving up our freedom, rights, oh and of course, our money to their ever increasing need of power and greed for money.

4 thoughts on “They’re all Heading toward a New World Order

  1. Hi Tomretterbush,
    Very interesting, I know these quotes are being used a lot but still lol..

    “All these new challenges are bringing together about the biggest restructuring we have ever seen and not just to the global economy but of the global order as a whole”
    Gordon Brown

    “Never let a crisis go to waste”
    Rahm Emanuel

    New proposed global currency (they could abolish the other 7, and force us all under one)
    The global new deal (a one-world economic system)
    All our main industries are being nationalized.

    Do the Europeans know something we don’t?

    Sorry to get religious and all but the bible says there will be a one-world economic system and a one world government…. are we heading toward the economic system?

    Religion aside, what do you think?
    Keep up the posts!

    1. Thanks for you comment. Religion aside, with the Euro in danger of collapse, why in the world would they even consider a global currency? That’s crazy! If every country has its own currency, at least if that country goes bankrupt it won’t take the rest of the countries with it, like is almost happening in Europe right now. If Germany or some well off non-EG country like China doesn’t intervene, Italy’s bankrupted economy could cause total European financial collapse.

      If you like stories like this, check out my Conspiracy Watch blog, at

  2. As the world is heading towards 2012 there is much speculation in the air as to what to possibly expect when it arrives, the first being what is it that people actually expect to happen? After all why should we expect it to be any different to any other year that has already come and gone? Whatever it is that some of us are expecting as earth heads towards 2012 are we going to experience shocking events like never before?

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