Promoting Online Video Using Facebook and Twitter

Why go to Facebook and Twitter to promote your content? Because that's where people are hanging out, and personal referrals go a long way in driving interest.

Social media provides an excellent opportunity to extend the experience of a brand. Here's how Jessica Sutherland, senior director for content development at USA Network, explained it at the recent Streaming Media East conference:

"Our goal is to support our on-air properties and we're trying to drive tune-in as much as possible," said Sutherland. "When we create content, we're always striving to extend that show experience on our site, so we have our shows that are on the air when in season, just one hour per week, so we want to give fans a place to go where they can interact with those characters even further."

USA has found the social networking can help in promotion, and that it works even better when fans are rewarded.

"Social helps us drive our fans there, and when we're monetizing that opportunity, I guess what we try to do is give rewards to fans for interacting," added Sutherland.

Scroll down to view the video of the entire panel discussion.

Building a Content Brand Using Social Media

This session discusses and demonstrates ways content owners can use social media platforms to generate awareness for their video library. Learn the best practices for building a fan base with Twitter and Facebook as well as ways to augment your core brand via mobile devices and apps. Speakers also discuss some of the most successful ways to package your brand to sponsors.
Written By:
Tom Retterbush

Posted By: Tom Retterbush

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