Sex is Natural, Primal and Fun, so stop acting Like its Something Dirty, Disgusting and Wrong

Everyone has Sexual Urges, so why are we expected to Fight and suppress them?
When I was little, I played doctor  with any willing playmate.  I started humping my Teddy until it gave me a baby-orgasms when I was around twelve.  I counted my pubic hair, measured my penis and looked up sex in the dictionary. Then when I was fourteen, I watched porn.

I wanted to sleep with any and every girl I met even casually, even if I had absolutely no interest in persuiting a relationship with her.  But when I did it for the first time, it was not nearly as good as I had expected.  When Iwound up not enjoying myself for the minute or two that it lasted, I even wondered if I might be gay.

As the years passed and I had new girlfriends, tried new things, and sex seemed to get better as I got older. 

When a girl I was with turned out to be clueless in bed, I suggested watching porn because she only wanted to do it missionary style.  When I asked another girlfriend to go down on me because she was on her period, I got us both addicted to oral sex.  I started getting a reputation of being “nuts” in bed, so I did not flinch when a girl suggested me sticking a finger up her butt or asked me to cumm in her mouth… I obliged.  I did it all with confidence and without fear that I was going to freak the girl out or not enjoy myself.

I try new positions, I love watching it happen in a mirror, I obsess overoral sex and I sext with hot chicks and I do not fully shave, so I feel I am keeping up with the times.

I ask for what I want.  Because, to me, sex is fun.  While my self-esteem may lack in other the professional and career fields, I am not going to second guess that I am hot shit when I am doing my thinng in bed.

I believe that sex is something free, natural, primal, even animal.  You should do it with confidence and without inhibitions. 

Keep in mind that love is not always presnet in sex. So, if I am not with someone who is blowing my mind, I am picturing someone who is.  And for the few times that I have loved someone so much that no one else entered my mind during sex, I enjoyed that special closeness to the full extent, too.

So why does society treat sex as if it was dirty. Even a crime. As the publisher and primary writer of SEXYOUALL, a sexual advice blog, I am often writing articles like, Legalize Prostitution! Make it Safer and Stop Rape, Abortion and AIDS!  As also the publisher and primary writer of Date Karma, I am often writing articles like, How to Stop the Fighting: Can’t we just get along Tips for Couples, making me wonder why is society, right down to our very own marriages, so anti-sexual?
If sex is between two consenting adults, it should be considered as something natural, even special and surely, as something fun and enjoyable.  
Sex is an opportunity to let loose and to let your freak flag fly.  Get into it.  Whether you are taking someone home at random, or are with the love of your life, live it up and grab it by the horns!  You deserve it.
Written By: Tom Retterbush

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