5 Quick Tips To Living Longer


That is right. According to Steve Vernon of MoneyWatch.com, there a few things you can do to live longer and enjoy those years more.

Three of them are having more sex, eating chocolate and drinking wine and worshiping in your house of faith.

“Eat better, exercise more, eliminate unhealthy habits — you’ve heard these messages (many times) before as ways you can increase your lifespan and your healthspan, or the period of time that you’re active and live independently.

“Now let’s look at some surprising steps you can take that studies suggest might also improve your life expectancy. But you need to take these suggestions with a grain of salt: With any report that starts with the words “Studies show that …”, you have to ask yourself: Is the effect causation or correlation? In other words, does the activity actually cause you to live longer, or is it just a coincidence? Even if it’s just a coincidence that a specific activity is correlated with increased life expectancy, the reasons are insightful,”  he writes.

1. Floss Your Teeth

2. Go to your house of worship

3. Have Sex Often

4. Dance

5. Eat Chocolate and Drink Red Wine


Written By: George Gombossy





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