Wierd News


The triple-X Internet zone is being opposed by the porn biz. Members of the adult entertainment industry are protesting a plan to create a dot-xxx domain for porn websites to go along with dot-com and dot-org. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers — or ICANN — is the organization that controls Internet naming conventions. ICANN decided in December to create the triple-X domain. ICANN is taking public comments on the issue at its conference in San Francisco. Considering that every second 28,258 Internet ssers are watching porn and $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography (see Is Pornography Addiction for Real? on SEXYOUALL), some people protested, chanting “We like porn. No to x-x-x.” Opponents say a triple-X domain would make it easier to censor porn.

White or red? When it comes to American wine, the color is green. For the first time U.S. wine sales have topped the wine-loving French. Stephanie Gallo of California-based Gallo Family Vineyards says, “It’s exciting.” U.S. wine consumption has continued to climb despite the recession. And there’s still room to grow. Americans adults drink about two and a-half gallons of wine a year each. But French wine consumption is more than 12 gallons a year.

Nudists and strippers are on the same side in Oregon. Fans of the all-over tan are asking lawmakers not to regulate strip joints. Representatives from the American Association for Nude Recreation were fully clothed yesterday. They told state lawmakers a legal move against strip clubs could impact nudists. The nudists say since their clubs offer live entertainment and services in the nude, they might face legal sanctions. Advocates of strip club regulation say it’s not their intention to go after volleyball in the buff.

Some Colorado lawmakers want to get tough on johns. While oponents of the measure claim that legalizing prostitution would benefit society (read the whole Legalize Prostitution! Make it Safer and Stop Rape, Abortion and AIDS! article on SEXYOUALL) the state Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a measure that would raise the minimum fine for paying for sex to $5,000. Currently, paying a hooker is classified as a “petty offense.” It carries a penalty of 75 bucks in some places in the state — that’s less than littering. The bill calls for the increased fines to go toward so-called “schools” for johns. The programs would be scared-straight-type sessions for first offenders. 


Pot brownies aren’t being banned in Colorado — at least for now. A state lawmaker is shelving her proposal to ban edible marijuana. The legislature is considering new standards for legal medical marijuana, including labels for pot-infused products. Some lawmakers are considered kids might mistake edible pot products for ordinary goodies. But a state House committee did endorse childproof packaging. 

What to buy if you’re a Microsoft billionaire? How about your own MiG jet fighter? Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has added a restored s Russian-made MiG-29 to his collection of vintage airplanes. That MiG was the Soviet answer to the U.S. F-15 and F-16. The Herald newspaper reports one of Allen’s companies closed on the purchase of the MiG last week. It’s currently on display at Allen’s aviation museum at Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Allen founded Microsoft with his high school friend Bill Gates in 1975.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – A court wants access to Arturo Ramirez’s Facebook page. He served on a Sacramento, California, jury. Defense lawyers learned Ramirez had been posting to Facebook during the trial. At one point the Sacramento Bee reports Ramirez called the evidence that convicted the defendants “boring.” Ramirez and Facebook both refused access to his account, citing privacy rights. But the California Supreme Court ordered a lower court to reconsider the issue. The justices say the Facebook case has constitutional significance. Stay tuned to Censorship Watch, my blog which will be following this story.


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