10 Black Friday Social Media Deals

is upon us and that means that retailers are scrambling to offer up the best door-busting (or mouse-busting) specials and promotions to entice eager holiday shoppers.

Thanks to the success of Cyber Monday, retailers and online shops have long embraced the web as a place to promote and showcase deals and specials. What’s unique this Black Friday, however, is the large number of specials and promotions offered by retailers to customers who use location-based apps and services.

Users of social networks like Foursquare and Facebook Places can get discounts or get entered into special contests just by checking in to their Black Friday shopping destinations. Other services like Yelp, SCVNGR and Gowalla are also offering up special promotions.

Some retailers, like Sears, are even running deal-voting specials on their Facebook fan pages. Plus, many retailers are using Facebook and Twitter to promote their early-bird specials in advance of the big shopping day.

We’ve scoured the web and rounded up 10 specials and promotions offered exclusively through social media. Know of a promo or special we missed? Let us know in the comments.

One thought on “10 Black Friday Social Media Deals

  1. No matter what other festivals. Use your time and money is very important.
    Is something that should not be overlooked. Because with the Information Economy is not good
    But for the Festival is black friday and cyber monday range.
    Uoboui because the product must be sold out. Usually a lot cheaper.
    Products should be selected. Electronics Appliances or engines.
    Which are more expensive and difficult to find even more important to it.
    A courtroom, if you buy a commercial Si at a cost that was before without hurting anyone in the shop.
    Or department stores in your heart. You just sit at a computer screen at home, it can order the product.
    We have a good time with black friday and cyber monday.

    But wait. For players who will be very good Foursquare. And have fun with it on black friday.

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