From Bad Boy Loser to Successful Good Guy Entrepreneur

After a long, hard walk on the wild side, I’ve finally changed from bad boy to good guy, becoming a successful entrepreneur, activist, blogger, investigative reporter and social media geek.

Although diagnosed with bi-polar depression, as a recovering heroin addict I have been clean for years, becoming an activist for human and civil rights, the environment, hunger, poverty, disease and addiction, exposing conspiracies and cover-ups, while fighting corruption, censorship and government control.

Knowing I would need money for funding of all the causes I wanted to support, I first founded as a commercial enterprise, but not long thereafter I devoted most of my attention to the business of my redemption. I soon launched my Tom Retterbush Redemption, Tom Retterbush Activist, Tom Retterbush Investigator and Addicts Not Anonymous blogs, not to mention my Veterans and Depression Support blogs which are still under construction.

The only real help I had was from a book called, New Economy Superstar. The author, Corbett Barr, writes; “This isn’t a book about fame or celebrity or making millions. It’s about a new type of success that isn’t reserved for the lucky and well-connected few. This opportunity wasn’t available until just a few years ago, and you’re just in time to take advantage of it.” You can download the ebook version without obligations by clicking on the title.

I’m just getting started!

Isn’t it time for you to get started too?

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