10 Top Social Media Sites For Bloggers

Today Social Media has become a dominant force in marketing world and with each passing day its roots are spreading world wide. It is has become one cost efficient method to promote websites and blogs. These social media sites are a source of huge amounts of traffic. Today I am going to discuss about 10 such social media sites.

1. Facebook : Worlds bigges social media site. You can create a Fan page for you blog site ans ask your friends to join it. Used widely by bloggers to share their links.

2. Digg : This site offers you to digg your posts or articles. Anyone can digg the post, greater number of diggs means article is very popular.

3. Twitter : All of you might already know about twitter. It is a a micro-blogging site where people tweet about various things, Bloggers usually tweet about links to their blog posts.

4. Stumbleupon : This site has become quite famous among bloggers. In this site you usually review a web page and recommend it to fellow stumblers.

5. Youtube : This is worlds largest video sharing site. Here you can upload small introduction video about your blog or site.

6. Myspace : On this website you can create groups for your blog. Discuss about your blog on forum and much more.

7. Delicious : It is a social book marking site . Here you can book mark web pages along with tags.

8. Technorati : It is a blog directory where you can submit your blog. There is a section called blogging where bloggers can share their posts and articles.

9. Reddit : It is a source for what’s new and popular online. vote on links that you like or dislike and help decide what’s popular, or submit your own.

10. Yahoo Buzz : It is a place where people buzz about latest news and information. You can vote for news which you like. Voting here refers to Buzz up button which increases the buzzes on a post.

Written By: Akshay, as: 10 Social Media Sites For Bloggers on: technozeast.com

Tom Retterbush

Posted By:  Tom Retterbush 

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