Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing, Part 2

Facebook for business superguide

In our popular Facebook for Business Superguide we included a section on Facebook Groups and Pages.

But, with Facebook’s new “like” feature and the growing popularity of Facebook Pages as a legitimate business tool, things have changed a bit.

So we’ve gathered some additional and updated resources that will help you make your organization’s Facebook page more effective — whether you’re just building one or whether you’ve already got one that you’d like to improve.  We have several sections including – Setting Up Your Page, Enhancing Your Page, Case Studies and Best Practices, Engaging and Building Your Fan Base, B2B Facebook Pages and Facebook Metrics.

Setting Up Your Page

Enhancing Your Facebook Page

  • 9 Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Fan Page
    From Social Media Explorer: Ching Ya offers up great advice on how to make your Facebook Page more effective from “creating a welcome tab/page for new visitors” to “including business contact details” to “including a testimonial page” to “including a newsletter opt-in” and more.
  • How to Build Engaging One-of-Kind Facebook Fan Pages
    From TechCrunch: Advice on making your Facebook Fan Page more compelling including planning your overall page strategy including making tabs relevant, taking full advantage of the profile picture 200X600 option to create impact, adding a facebook comments box to your landing page and more.
  • 5 Essential Apps for Your Business’s Facebook Fan Page
    From Mashable: Matt Silverman reviews 5 useful applications for your Facebook Fan page including Static FBML for you Page sidebar, Promotions, Social RSS, Poll, and YouTube for Pages.
  • 8 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook Page
    From Mashable: Alison Driscoll review eight essential apps for your brand’s Facebook page – from Facebook Notes to Blog RSS Feed Reader to Twitter App and more.
  • How to Create a Facebook Page That Stands Out
    From John Haydon: 12 terrific tips for creating a Facebook fan page that will stand out from the crowd and John’s take on why you should care.
  • 13 Facebook Page Features That Will Make Your Day
    From John Haydon: More great stuff from John. This video includes how to use specific Facebook Page features such as “how to quickly find your page,” “how to Edit Your Thumbnail,”"how to remove unused tabs” and more.

Engaging and Building Your Fan Base

  • How to Increase the Quality of Your Facebook Fans
    From Social Media Examiner: Terry Lozoff provides insights on fan-getting marketing tactics to drive a more relevant consumer base and as a result increase the quality (and worth) of your fans over time.
  • How Starbucks Engages Millions of Facebook Fans
    From Social Media Examiner: Great video interview w/Alex Wheeler, Director of Digital Strategy at Starbucks. Alex shares how Starbucks built a Facebook community of over 7 million fans by asking their community to help them build their official Facebook page. Also useful discussion of how Starbucks uses video marketing on different social media channels.
  • 5 Easy Ways to Drive Social Media Fans to Action
    From Social Media Examiner: Good advice from Peter Wylie on ways to ensure your Facebook page and other social media vehicles lead your social media fans to take direct actions (e.g. purchase, sign up, etc.) – from “promoting offline events” to “hosting a tweetup” to “offering coupons” and more.
  • How To Get Thousands Of Facebook Fans With A Single Video
    From Allfacebook.com: Nick O’Neill offers advice on how to add a call to action on Facebook videos to get people to become fans (or to “like” you in the current Facebook framework).
  • Get People to “Like” Your Facebook Page
    From Social Media Examiner: Ching Ya provides 10 ideas for getting more likes on your Facebook page. Among Ching’s recommendations is ” be likeable first” by offering quality content and consistent engagement. Also good common sense: Remind your fans to like and share your posts.
  • 21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase
    From Social Media Examiner: Mari Smith provides a wide range of innovative ideas for increasing the number of fans/likes for your Facebook page from “making a compelling welcome video” to “getting fans to tag photos” to “in-store displays” and more.
  • To Like or Not to Like Facebook Pages: Fandom is Old News
    From AriWriter: Ari Herzog provides a nice overview of the impact of Facebook changing to a “like” button from “become a fan” button.
  • 5 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page
    From Social Media Examiner: Naomi Trower provides 5 terrific ways to grow your Facebook fans from “inviting people from your facebook friend lists” to “finding people with Facebook search” and more.
  • 13 Ways to Move Your Facebook Fans to Action
    From Social Media Examiner: Mari Smith offers up great ideas for increasing engagement with your Facebook fans through comments, wall posts, @tags and more.
  • How to Better Engage Facebook Fan Page ‘Fans’ | Social Media Examiner
    From Social Media Examiner: How to use to get your Facebook fans more engaged by sharing enticing content (how often and when to post, what to post, etc.) and inciting comments.
  • How to Create a Facebook Fan Page Editorial Guide
    From Social Media Examiner: One reason many Facebook pages don’t generate engagement is lack of purpose and poor planning. Here Amy Porterfield provides a good reference guide to creating an editorial guide that will help your define your purpose and develop an editorial process/plan.
  • 4 Easy Steps To Promote Your Business On Facebook
    From Make Use Of: Basic steps in creating a facebook page and advice on how to promote the page.
  • 4 Easy Ways to Engage Your Facebook Fans
    From Mashable: Great advice and examples from Leyl Master Black on techniques that increase Facebook fan engagement from “asking for people’s opinions” to “testing their knowledge” to “pairing promotion with content” to “thanking your fans.”
  • 5 Elements of a Successful Facebook Fan Page
    From Mashable: Rundown on the 5 things that contribute to an effective Facebook Fan page from “networking with other platforms” to “creating a resources” to “creating contests that encourage participation.”
  • 11 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page Outside Facebook
    From John Haydon: Great ideas for reaching beyond Facebook to promote your page – including using email, blogging about your page, tweeting about it and more.
  • How To Get More Traffic From Facebook From John Haydon: Even more strategies and tactics from John that you can use to create more traffic to your blog or website from your Facebook Page
  • 4 Proven Steps to Facebook Page Success
    From Social Media Examiner: Amy Porterfield provides 4 ways to take your Facebook page to the next level and ensure success: 1. Creating a Compelling vision 2. Smart branding 3. Strategic Inbound Marketing and 4. Real Time Engagement

Case Studies and Best Practices

  • 5 Fantastic Facebook Fan Page Ideas to Learn From
    From American Express Open Forum: Advice and case study examples to make your Facebook pages more engaging. Examples discussed include the Baby Gap tab of the The Gap page, Home Depot’s DIY Gifts application, Dell’s Design studio. Walgreen’s landing page, and more.
  • 3 Ways to Drive Corporate Facebook Success
    From Hubspot: Three case studies that illustrate that the key to successful Facebook pages lies in involving fans in creative and personable ways.
  • Facebook Fan Page Best Practices
    From The Buzz Bin: Geoff Livingston outlines some best practices for Facebook pages from “not splitting the conversation stream between your organization and fans” to “commenting on fan posts” to “Paying attention to statistics” to “making your fans feel special” and more.
  • The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing
    From the Altimeter Group: Summary of research with 34 vendors, agencies, and experts that yielded 8 success criteria for Facebook page marketing and then tested the maturity of 30 top brands across six industries against these criteria. Criteria included setting community expectations, providing cohesive branding, being up to date, live authenticity, participating in dialog, enabling peer-to-peer interactions, fostering advocacy, and soliciting a call to action.
  • 8 Different Facebook Landing Tabs Used By Businesses On Facebook
    From Social Media Examiner: Cindy King provides eight different ways businesses are using landing tabs in Facebook successfully – from “asking visitors to like your page” to “current events’ and more.
  • 5 Ways I’m Using Facebook to Drive Traffic, Build Brand and Increase Reader Engagement
    From ProBlogger: Darren Rowse details 5 ways he is using Facebook to promote his blog from “asking questions” to “promoting specific Facebook status updates via Twitter and newsletters” to “involving readers in shaping their website/blog content” to “relevant promotions” to “utilizing a ‘welcome’ landing page tab.”

B2B Facebook Pages

  • A Visual Guide to B2B Facebook Pages.
    From Hubspot: Nice PDF with tips on creating B2B Facebook pages along with 15 mini-case study examples of good Facebook B2B pages.
  • 4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook
    From Mashable: Leyl Master Black present 4 excellent tips for B2B marketers to use their Facebook presence – from “beoming an industry resource” to ” engaging your customers and making them part of your marketing efforts” to “expanding beyond your wall by adding applications” to “lightening up.”

Facebook Metrics

  • How to Add Google Analytics to Your Facebook Fan Page
    From Social Media Examiner: An important part of making your Facebook page effective is understanding how it is currently performing – from visitor stats to traffic sources to keywords searches and more. In this article Mariam John provides instructions on how to set up Google Analytics tracker on your Facebook fan page.
  • 3 Ways to Use Facebook Insights to Your Advantage
    From Social Media Examiner: Post includes info on sending messages to subsets of fans, Facebook advertising and more.
Written By: Robin Broitman

First Appearing As: Ultimate Guide to Facebook Pages On: IIG, Interactive Insights Group

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