Twitter is going to Start Selling Followers

Twitter is going to Start Selling Followers on Sunday October 03. They will be identifying followers with certain interests based on the content of their Twitter usage, and then providing this info to advertisers. Twitter is already selling sponsored Tweets for $100K or more. Its not quite as bad as it sounds, it's worse!
Twitter selling followers? Will that be the same as Google selling top position in their Search Engine Results? When will Facebook start selling friends.'Advertisers will be allowed to purchase placement in lists of 'who to follow' recommendations targeted to users with particular interests on Twitter. Where is this heading? This is no longer social media. Its dollar media!
Also, it pisses me off the way the social media websites treat their own customers. They are so quick to ban or suspend their users without warning, notice and little if any explanation. They may or may not give a reason, but even then only after numerous inquiries. I know, I have had 2 Twitter accounts, 1 and almost a Facebook account suspended.
I wouldn't be so angry if they had good reason, or if they would have told me why and have given me a chance to correct whatever reason they did have, but there was only a "bogus" reason and no chance for redemption.
My first Twitter suspension I had over10,000 followers, and their reason was, "aggressive" following practices. The second account Twitter suspended I had been really careful not to follow or unfollow too many people. So the suspended me bbecause of "posting too many links" I went back and checked random tweets and found that 95% or more of peoples tweets contain links. This time I lost 14,000+ followers!
But who can you complain to. There is no social media police. No social networking court. No mediation. No chance.
Twitter sucks! I can't live with it but I can't live without it.

Tom Retterbush

Written By:  Tom Retterbush 

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