Twitter vs. Facebook Marketing Impact

NPR has a fascinating study of its audiences on Twitter and Facebook.

The survey highlighted significant difference in content, engagement and media habits.  It found that NPR Twitter followers:

  • Get all or most of their news online
  • Prioritise hard, breaking news
  • Click on fewer links compared to Facebook fans

The findings suggest that audiences value Twitter for its immediacy and short-form messages, which is ideal for sending out breaking news alerts and updates.

But Twitter has less value in driving traffic to NPR:

While we have over three million Twitter followers across multiple NPR accounts, they typically drive less than a fifth of the amount of referral traffic than our 1.25 million Facebook users do during any given month. So while Twitter may be an ideal way of getting headlines to our users, it doesn’t necessarily translate to the same amount of traffic as Facebook does.

The survey suggests that in terms of NPR’s social media strategy, Facebook provides a better platform to engage with audiences and build community compared to Twitter.


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