Twitter Mania


How I Gained 1,200 Twitter Followers in 1 Week


How I went from 78 Followers to 1,279 Followers in 7 Days. 


Not two weeks ago, I was still reluctant to join Twitter. It seemed stupid, to try and communicate with only 140 characters or less. I couldn’t believe it to be fun, much less an effective way to promote ANYTHING. But I am open minded if I am ANYTHING. So I decided to give it a try.

It didn’t take long and I was hooked. For reasons I can’t totally understand, and don’t ask me to explain, I fell into the Twitter trap just like the other estimated 6 to 10 million or so Twitterers. My best guess is, that I too was taken by the challenge to get as many people to follow me as possible.
The question was; how do I get people to follow me? So I read dozens of articles on how to get Twitter Folks to follow an unknown nobody with little or nothing to offer, including  How to Get More Twitter Followers, Per Digg’s Kevin Rose, Top 10 Twitter Tips and Tricks , and Twitter Tips And Tricks.
And so I was following all the advice, following lots of other people, posting quotes and jokes and links, and though I was steadily gaining a following, it was a slow, frustrating proccess.
It was during my endless, unrelenting search for more "how to get Twitter Followers" articles that I discovered the real solutions.
First I came accross the infamous "Twitter Trains", which are websites you join, agreeing to follow dozens, if not hundreds of their other members in agreement that they follow you in return. And though most of them, like, http://100freetrial.com, and work, you only get random followers who are only interested in one thing; getting followers for themselves. Using most of these "Trains" will toss Twitter conversations you’re interested in out the window. Unless of course, all you want to Tweet about is getting more Followers. Get the pont?
Fortunatelly, there are a couple of trains that actually follow targeted keywords. In other words, it will follow your interests. The one I use is
The other trick to getting followers is, to unfollow those many people whom you are following who don’t follow you back. I usually give people 8 hours, sometimes 12, but absolutely no more than 24 hours to return my follow. If they haven’t followed me by then, they propbably aren’t going to, so they’re history.
To make it a lot easier to figure out who is following who, as well as to bulk unfollow everybody who you are following but who is not following you back I use this great Site called Buzzom;, which lets you do everything I described above and more,  plus then some. It even helps you analize your Twittering, giving you advice on what to do to improve it and get even more followers.
Then, I analize my Twittering using Twitter Karma to see and compare how I stand. To understand how Twitter Popular, Influencial and Respected I am, I use Measuring success in Twitter: Influence vs. Participation at 
At this pace Wink will have 60,000 Twitter Followers within a year! In fact, I bet I will have 100,000 Followers by Christmas 2010! Because, the more followers you have, the more people are willing to follow you, so the easier it gets to get even more followers. 
So maybe I do understand Twittering. Maybe I did explain it.
It doesn’t matter. What matters is, I managed to figure out how to get those illusive followers so many Twitter Users crave.  You can too. Just follow the steps above and before you know it you will have thousands of Twitter Followers just like me.


*Actually, I went from Following 68, with 78 Followers and 2 Listings Friday 1-15, to Following 1,391 with 1,276 Followers and  12 Listings Thursday 1-21-1010.

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