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Welcome to my WordPress.com. This is my first (edited) post on THIS blog.  Be sure to visit me at my personal Sites, Blogs and Ebookstore.

As founder and owner of AssEtEbooks.com, being 1/4 Cherokee born and raised in Germany, I moved to the US in 1990.  I am a recovering drug addict, diagnosed bi-polar with clinical depression. I have dedicated his life to providing hope to those who have fallen. I believe if I can build, launch and operate a Supersite like my AssEtEbooks.com, anything is possible by anybody.

After a long, hard walk on the wild side, I have finally become a legal, honest, successful citizen, social media geek and entrepreneur, living on his own in SA, Texas. I have sworn my life to proving that reaching one’s hopes and dreams is possible no matter how far you have fallen or what rock you’ve crawled out from. If you read my whole long, crazy story on the first page of the AssEtEbooks.com website, you will realize that, he really had a hard climb!

Although I doesn’t have a secretary, salesmen, a webmaster or accountant, he spent day and night, seven days a week, for almost six months working on this Site. Not to mention the months and months of thought, preparation and planning he put into it before he ever even started. It is a Website, business and occupation he plans on continuing until the day I die. It is his baby, his testimony and his legacy. 

I  will tell you, what most people would be too proud to admit. Few will list their shortcomings, faults and weaknesses for the whole world to see, but I am being honest and upfront. Most people would be much to ashamed and humiliated to fess-up to all the stupid, selfish hurtful things they have done, but we all have skeletons in our closets. I believes I am no better or worse than anybody else, anywhere. 

I confesses to all I have done not to be cute, but as evidence and inspiration for those still suffering. I believes my new life is proof positive that anyone can recover from chemical dependency, mental illness, legal disaster and financial ruin. I am living, breathing, walking, talking proof that anyone can pick themselves up after hitting rock bottom and leave their evil ways behind. I did it when nobody thought he could, least of all myself, so I know anybody can do it, too.I have faith in everybody.

For the here and now, please know that whatever things I did in the past he did in the past. Here and now, I don’t drink, do drugs, lie, cheat or steal. In fact, it is my mission to help others not make the same mistakes he made. By example, I lead everyone he comes in contact with away from drugs and alcohol, by telling them how bad it was with, and showing them how good it is now without the drugs and alcohol.

As long as I can remember, he has always been in search of knowledge and, as such, a book fanatic. It is in part because of his obsession with books that I decided to use this passion as a means to earn a living, and should he be blessed enough to turn a profit, to fund his real, ultimate goal of helping both addicts and vets (and addicted vets) in need. I don’t dream, much less want to become rich like Bill Gates (I would feel far too guilty), or expect to sell nearly as many books as Amazon.com or Barnes & Nobel; just to make an honest living. 

I spends the better part of each and every day searching the far ends of the globe for good books. Still, I may not always be able to beat Amazon, B&N or Ebay prices. However, I guarantee delivery of  THE best digital version of whatever book the customer is buying, available anywhere in the world. 

I like to spread the message, that not all digital books are equal; First of all, you have PDF, Text, MOBI, Kindle, etc. formats. But it goes much deeper than that, because of each version there are also degrees in quality. And he regularly turns down a poorly digitalized book. I will not purchase a substandard quality book just to save a buck. With me, the customer will ALWAYS get the very best digital book possible. 

I wish I could GIVE the books away for free, but I’ve got to make a living somehow. So, I give away as many as I can, but when I must, I charges a fair, competitive price with an unconventional, unconditional satisfaction guarantee: If the customer is not absolutely 100% thrilled with their book, or if delivery took longer than 24 hours, the customer gets to keep the book, but gets their money back. In other words, if the customer is not happy with his or her book, the book is FREE. How’s that for a guarantee?

So go ahead and check out my new AssEtEbooks.com Supersite at  to find some completely free ebooks, while helping a good man earn a honest living.

You can always reach me via the links bellow:



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